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Tagging Conventions

First of all, what are tags and how do we use them? Tags are words added to each of our contributions here that identify them so that they can be found in a search engine. In this case, because we are a contained community we are tagging so that our conversations, photographs, videos, blog posts, resources, etc. can be found by others who are looking for them through the internal search engine at the top of every page in this community site.

Tagging makes all the difference in our ability to discern patterns in our interaction here and connect with the people and precise projects and ideas we want to explore.

Tags can and will be chosen on an individual basis as well, but if we can share a few common tagging conventions we will be a lot more effective in creating a searchable body of work.

This page will be for mapping some suggested tags and what they could be used to indicate. Please contribute any thoughts or ideas you have about this.


Tagging Conventions

  • We've been using "theworldcafe" to indicate the World Cafe for a number of years now, as the term "worldcafe" is also a used for a radio station of the same name.


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