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Amy Lenzo
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Hello good folks! As Director of Communications at the World Cafe Community Foundation, I designed this space and am one of your hosts here.

This is a self-directing community and there are many others who are also caring for us - but if you need anything, or have any questions, if you are being disturbed by anyone here or notice something we should be aware of, please contact me. Thanks! I hope you enjoy yourself here and learn and share lots.

If you want a bit more information about my work with the World Cafe, here's a short WC bio.

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To stimulate ever deepening connections between the people, projects and communities of World Cafe practitioners all over the world.

To co-create a cross-sector multi-generational international community of practice in order to increase our collective knowledge and contribute to the ongoing evolution of the World Cafe.
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I'm passionate about catalyzing the awe and transformational capacity of beauty and bringing an appreciative awareness of the natural world into our conversations, online and off.

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At 12:55pm on October 14, 2018, roberta reginato said…

Hi Amy, thank you for accepting my request. I'm a teacher in an Italian high school and I use WC with my students to devolope their soft skills for life. Hope to find some other teachers to talk with about didactic activities. 



At 5:42pm on October 10, 2018, Mary Linda McKinney said…

Thanks, Amy!

At 7:51pm on September 24, 2018, Nami Ishihara said…

Thank you for your message! I'm excited about the possibility of the World Cafe format to foster communication among people of different cultures, because it seems to support intimate conversations where anyone can participate (not just those who are comfortable speaking in large groups). 

Sorry that I just missed signing up for the fundamentals course, but I hope I can take it next year. In the meantime, I hope to join these online conversations and practice hosting when I can.

Actually, it was "Kazu" (Katori-san) from IAF Japan, who introduced me to you and said I should get in touch. I participated in a "hybrid" World Cafe that he hosted last year at the IAF Asia Conference in Seoul, and really enjoyed it. 

I'm happy to join the World Cafe community!

At 5:31am on August 21, 2018, Vicente Sanabria said…

Hola Amy,  On Sept 18th we are hosting a WC for the caciques (leaders) in Chelsea, MA.  The focus is on re-engagement and expansion of partners.  Our shared goals are to reduce crime by 30% over 10 years (violent and property crimes have decreased by 37% between 2014 and 2017) and to increase the community's perception of safety.   We will have about 70 participants sitting among 13 tables.  Here are a couple of questions:

how do we incorporate 8 - 10 Spanish speakers into the Cafe?  We have translation equipment and how does the table moving work.  Is there a formula?  Or provide direction?  Lastly, you added an extra "n" to my name in your warm welcome.  It's Vicente and not ViNcente - it happens.  Peace,


At 12:49pm on July 27, 2018, Paul Kimmerling said…

Hi Amy,  You asked about my use of WC in an academic setting. Great to hear from you. In a few weeks, a colleague and I hope to lead a world cafe to help a large group from a college in MA generate a set of guiding principles for curriculum redesign. I have nothing to share yet, but would be happy to do so once we're done! Paul

At 5:55am on June 29, 2018, Emanuele Lapierre-Fortin said…

thank you amy! 

At 6:36am on June 5, 2018, Blanche Brann said…

Thanks. I hear you're AMAZING from very RELIABLE sources!

At 8:01pm on November 12, 2017, Tom Drummond said…

Well, it seems to be an important time, 2018, at an important place, Seattle, for conversations across Washington State that can reshape our country. We want to do that through our dreams for our children and everyone's children by placing early childhood education as a crisis among the many crises our society and planet face. We think that by approaching transformation through systems thinking we can find support in Seattle, because this is a unique opportunity.

We are calling upon people to approach today's crises from three points of view. One: climate change and democratic energy. I call this point of the triangle The Emergency! Two: cultural distortions, such as white supremacy, violence, and structural neoliberalism that has worked hard to silence love and community. I think this point as The Cultivated Poison.

Three transforming our culture toward the democratic processes we all want through conversations that energize the commonality of our human connection—what we can dream for our children and grandchildren. I think of this point as Children are the Light.

So besides bringing The Wonder of Children exhibit to Seattle and holding activities and conferences for early childhood educators, we want to offer a speaker series we are calling Children in the World. Emergency Action Now: Inviting people like Naomi Klein or KC Golden; Cultivated Poisons: Recreate the Revolutionary Love Conference with the same kind of mix:

Children are the Light: Michelle Obama could make the rest easy. We need a few important people to agree to step into this, and we think others will come because this is Seattle.

The heart of the work is Imagining Utopias for Children. With broad interest and financial support, we strive to conduct discussions in communities normally not heard from across the state. Imagining Utopias for Children is our effort to sponsor World Café or Community Café sessions in the black community, in the Indian Tribes, Asian communities, African communities, and across the state among people in the wheat and apple heartland, in our forest towns, and in our ports and offices, led by young people in those communities. Our intent is to listen, not proselytize. We want to hear what people in our most varied communities desire for their young children in order to create a new story, a story built from their voices, brought forward from widely different life experiences, and sharing our universal aspirations for children. The challenge to imagine utopias for young children can bring people of disparate views to talk together like no other activity could. We hope to hire a film crew to document those conversations, first as provocations for subsequent café sessions and later as a product to stand with other groups work on climate and social justice.

This early childhood work is positive and essential to creating the kind of society that can reinvent itself, restore and reconcile, and hopefully survive.

We need the involvement and wisdom of many to step into this and discover how to make it happen together.

At 2:11pm on October 17, 2017, Howard Pepper said…

Thanks, Amy. I'm just now beginning to explore the site here and get familiar with World Cafe and its functions. So glad to become connected here. You and others will discover I'm a big believer in the power of new alliances, cooperative efforts, etc., building on dialog where that is needed.

At 7:18am on October 13, 2017, Marilyn Miles said…

Thank you, Amy for your warm welcome. I will now venture out on a Discovery Visit of the venue. If I encounter a glitch somewhere along the way, I "Woo Hoo" for help and when I am more familiar with World Cafe', I'll better be able to answer the questions above.

Thank you, again,


Amy Lenzo's Blog

World Cafe New Logo Designer Gabriel Kurauchi Honored at Sao Paulo Gathering

Posted on February 3, 2011 at 5:00pm 0 Comments

Here are some wonderful images of the World Cafe's new logo designer, Gabriel Kurauchi, being honored at the Sao Paulo gathering (where he was gratefully presented with a set of coffee cups with the new logo printed on them). The photos were taken by event co-organizer Marcela (Marxe) Urteaga.



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