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Sustainable Development Goals: now as as a local café

At the coming weekend , 6-7 October the Swedish Transition Movement is coming together to dialogue about the relevance of the SDG's to local sustainable development.

They will be learning by doing, the aim being to develop a café method where local councils, businesses and activists and residents can come together to start work on activities to help reach the goals from a local perspective.

The SDG are possibly one opportunity for residents to reclaim their local economy and…


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Money is messing up my local economy: 7 things to learn

A recent report on local currency and local economy from Sweden, complied by Transition member Steve Hinton, sheds light on some of the pitfalls and opportunities for local community action. The report comes in the wake of a resilience project to create a “back-up” currency, envisioned as a preparedness tool should Sweden’s ubiquitous digital money system fail due to loss of electrical power over a longer period. Most money today in Sweden is digital, only a few percent is notes and coins.…


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Local currency and market simulations in café form: a report

Published on the 26th March, a new report from the Institute of Swedish Safety and Security, ISSS, written by fellow Stephen Hinton, sums up recent experiences with running workshops in café style on local economic development, risk preparedness  and voluntary currency. Two results speak volumes about the sustainability predicament we find ourselves in today. Firstly, in…


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