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A wonderful aspect of the World Cafe Roundtable Event held at West High School in Madison, Wisconsin last week was the fact that some of the table hosts were current students. The students did a terrific job as hosts and reporters for themes from their tables. (A very brief briefing for table hosts took place just before the evening event began.) The aim of the event was to explore future directions for West High School. Parents, students, teachers, counselors, administrators, alumni, community members were invited. At the end, all the students attending, whether participants or table hosts, stood and were given a very warm round of applause. At that moment, the room was awash with positive energy and appreciation.

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Comment by Jenn Scharf on November 11, 2009 at 9:48am

I'm so pleased to hear your story. I'm working on organizing Cafe's in the school district where I live and would love to hear more about how the relationship with the High School grew so that a Cafe was able to unfold. If you have any insights/tips of successful language and approaches to use with a school environment, I'd be honoured for you to share.



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