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I am following with interest the online conversation around social content curation.  I recently hosted two knowledge cafes on customer relationship management (CRM) and social media and decided to curate the content used in Cafe CRM, the content created around the Cafe (tweets and photos) and the collective knowledge created in the Cafe.  I used Storify (


Cafe CRM in Johannesburg

Cafe CRM in Cape Town


I received positive feedback from Cafe CRM's patrons: 

The way you have documented the SIG session is great. It is fun and factual and a good reference. You have certainly gone to town (or Paris rather) with the event. Thanks again for an outstanding concept superbly executed. (Dewald)


I LOVE the format – it “grabs”  ...  (Janette)

Cafe conversation is known to generate collective knowledge.  As hosts and facilitators it is our duty to be curators as well.


How do you curate the experience and collective knowledge?


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