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Do we need Money? & What are the Alternatives?

Our upcoming World Cafe conversation "Do we need Money? & What are the Alternatives?" takes place against the background of a financial system that remains toxic and unreformed, serving increasing inequality and social injustice.

At the same time, some initiatives touted as alternatives remain dubious in their impact and benefit. Following is an extract from an article on the so-called Sharing Economy in Forbes magazine:

“I don’t even know why they call it ‘sharing economy’ at all,” the P2P Foundation founder Michel Bauwens recently said, “They should call it ‘selling economy’, instead, since what is being done by Uber and AirBnb, has nothing to do with mutualizing resoruces, but only with selling and renting. Actually it’s anti-sharing, because they are commodifying resources that before would have been shared for free. Like, if you had a spare room in your house you would invite some friends and now you say, why should I share it for free, if I can make some money out of that?”

Join Amy Lenzo, John Rogers and Leander Bindewald on 16th April from 09.00-11.30 PDT to find ways to connect our personal experiences with these trends and discuss what possibilities we have for personal and collective change around money and living in the gift.

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