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Do we need Money? & What are the Alternatives? (2)

Thirty people have confirmed they are attending our first inter-generational online World Cafe conversation on the subject "Do we need money & what are the alternatives?" on Thursday at 9am PDT.

Your three facilitators Amy Lenzo, John Rogers and Leander Bindewald have done a lot of preparation for this event, which is shaping up to be a fascinating and productive conversation, organised in three main rounds of small group discussion.

We will begin with a very broad yet personal question: "What is your relationship with money?

The focus for the second round of conversation will be: "Share a story about your work, paid & unpaid, and how it rewards you."

In the third and final round we will discuss: "What possibilities have you experienced, heard about, or can imagine for different economies - in your own life, the life of your community, nation, and/or globally?"

This will allow us to bring in our personal experiences then go to the bigger picture.

Why not join us? And please do not let lack of money stop you but read the joining instructions for options.

We 'look' forward to hearing your voice!

Here's a link for more information, and to register.

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