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Effective use of Large Scale Interventions: Book and training workshop

Dear all,


After being very quiet in this community for the last year, it is with great pleasure to inform you that after six years I finally finished my PhD research on effective use of Large Scale Interventions (which I see as an approach for whole system change,  including the large group intervention methods such as Future Search, Open Space, World Café, Whole Scale Change/Real Time Strategic Change). So you may call me ‘doctor Tonnie’ now :). The World Café Community  contributed substantially to this research, I want to thank everyone who shared experiences and ideas with me.



All findings are wrapped up in a book with the title ‘Building an evidence based practical guide to Large Scale Interventions. Towards sustainable organisational change with the whole system’. It is published by Eburon Academic Publishers and available as paperback or eBook (only $ 13.79) on and The book offers a practical guide with guidelines for effective use of LSI to assess conditions before the process, enhance performance during the process, and an evaluation instrument to evaluate effectiveness after the process.  The first parts of the book tell the story of my inquiry in the practice of LSI worldwide, including World Café practice, resulting in an overview of ‘What is LSI?’, which might be a handy chapter for students or starting facilitators. I hope to develop the practical guide in more popular versions for divers user groups, in open source, reactions are very welcome on


This book benefited enormously from the work and stimulating responses of founders such as Juanita Brouwn, David Isaacs, Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff, Harrison Owen. I am grateful for their wise words and for their inspiration. Thanks!


As spin off from my research and book, an international training workshop on effective use of Large Scale Interventions  is scheduled 17 – 19 November 2011 in Noordwijk, Netherlands. The workshop focuses on the principles and conditions for success and embedding in a larger change process. It is not about specific recipes for Large Group Methods. The workshop is meant for facilitators working with LSI who want to improve their practice, an interactive master class.  For details and registration


During my research I used large group methods for two research conferences, as member check. Participants recognized the conferences as an innovation in action research, so I wrote an article about it. The title is ‘Practice what you preach. Large group conferences as member check.  It has been published in Profile,  International Journal for Change, Learning, Dialogue (October 2011). If you are interested, let me know and I will send you a digital copy.  

Best wishes from a sunny Holland,




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