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Forward to Our Culture on the Couch, Seven Steps to Global Healing by Emmett Miller MD

In preparation for my book launch party on November 18th, I thought that it would be a wonderful thing to share the forward to my book. Enjoy!

"Miller’s book diagnoses the cultural pathologies that ruin our lives and threaten to destroy civilization as we know it. That bold assessment stimulates us to look in the mirror and assess the enemy we see. What systems run our lives, what concepts have we bought into, and where are we heading? If we can understand the nature of the illness, see where it’s leading, and connect cause and effect, we might be able to intervene, forestall, or actually redirect the flow of events. Miller both lays this out clearly for us and shows us the tools at hand we can employ to assist in the work. This how-to manual can inform and ignite a broad community in ways that multiply the effectiveness of efforts to heal our society.

Miller’s knowledge of relevant subjects, from medicine to global warming, from systems analysis to religion, seems broad and expert. But what’s truly amazing is how he brings all of those perspectives and teachings to bear on one simply stated question: What exactly do we need to do to clean up the mess before we literally destroy ourselves and our planet? The answer can’t be stated in just a simple mantra, but perhaps the closest hint to it comes from what he calls the “Systemic Healing Principle,” an abstraction of the Golden Rule and several close variants from diverse religions. The Healing Principle requires us to recognize that we are in the same boat with our neighbors, where cooperation and empathetic relationships provide the only plausible course of action.

The American experiences of 9/11, Katrina, and the world financial meltdown would each, by itself, be a wake up call for the national psyche. But what do we do when we have such nightmares? Miller says: Learn from them, face the truth, and get to work changing our behavior before time runs out. That’s a message that really does need to be heard round the world. We might actually be able to take the good Doctor’s advice, rid our society of lethal pathologies, and go on to thrive. Can a book do all that? This one just might!”

Frederick Hayes-Roth, Ph.D., Professor, Information Systems, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA Author: Radical Simplicity: How Intelligent Organizations Attain Supremacy through Information Superiority

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