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I think is possible change our minds to learning faster. How? Simple, training.... for example read about different kinds of things and choose some to study with more attention. After choosen the theme, search more deeply the cause, histories and authors, study sufficient until you obtain a knowledge to present this information for other people. When you finish, choose others things to make the same. You just earn the habit...


When I tried do this first time, sometimes I forgot why I was doing this, and many times I thought cancel the test, but after conclude my own experience, I can declare is impossible just live without study any thing.


This isn't scientific experience, but now I fell my capacity to learn better and faster than when I started. Now I know about more things and informations and is easier study about complementar subjects, and the tendency is to acelerate more and more.


Try it!


Wellington Lobo

(I'm training write in english!) :) Sorry for my mistakes

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