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How can young people concretely develop commitment to change the future?

A chicken and a pig used to live in a farm led by a really nice man. They wanted to organize for him a surprise cooking a special breakfast. The chicken suggested to provide eggs, while the pig would have provided ham. The pig knew what this implied and said to the chicken: You are making contribution, you are involved; but I am committed”.

I chose to tell this short anecdote as it clarifies what the experience of Model United Nations meant to me: it was the little push that turned my involvement for the development of a future world leading community into commitment.

I’ve always believed that I should try to improve my knowledge on global issues, my communication capacity, my general approach to different cultures in view of a possible future career. However, after Rome Model United Nations 2015 , I’ve realized that up to that moment I’d always had the attitude of the chicken towards MUN: I felt as a simple participant, who was spending time, energy and efforts in something that might contribute to shape competences that he would have needed to improve for his future. However, while taking part to the simulations of the UN procedures, I had the chance to feel part of a group, whose members progressively realized that together they were stronger and even more convinced of their mission of changing the world one day. And the more we were becoming friends, the more we were prompted to share, challenge ourselves and do hard work with enthusiasm, as I noticed during our debating sessions: our group cohesion and the feeling that we were all contributing to find compromises let us grow professionally and personally.

We all together became committed like pigs, contributing with every fibre of our being to the realization of our dream. I think that’s the leadership that experiences like MUN want to give to our future world. But how did I manage to maintain my commitment? Thanks to the participation on a platform called “MunPlanet”, where we, committed people, grow constantly, building relations and contacts, becoming even more aware of urgent global issues. On MunPlanet we confront different points of view, we share opportunities that may let us grow more, from MUN experiences and related events to youth forums, but we also talk about our favourite books and music. In all of this I can see the spirit I gained from RomeMUN and the concrete tentative of being today the change we want to see in the future, that’s why I strongly wanted to take part to the online internship on marketing and communication: it would be great enhancing our community, spreading what we believe in, sharing it with other people.

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