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Latin American gathering - Comunidad Extensa de Amigos del World Café

The last couple of days we have been opening our exploration and learning space to a broader community, yesterday we shared with a network of “friends of the world Café” exploring together with them the following questions:

1st QUESTION::: What are the unique contributions that each of us and our networks can make for the creation of a culture of dialogue and committed action in Latin America?


America conversa - espacio de conversaciones significativas para america latina -Cecilia S

Programas educativos del world café - empezando por América Latina - Carlos Mota y Ma. de los Angeles

Dialogos ciudadanos en chile - J. luis Walker

WOSomOS (encuentro de open space) Chile octubre 19 al 22 - J. Luis Walker

Organizar el grupo de latinos en Canadá - Marxe

Abrir la entrada de experiencias de aprendizaje de TWC en Brasil - Eduardo

Capacitar latinos en graphic recording - Donatella

World café con mi familia - Felipe

Continuar construyendo una cultura de diálogo en mi comunidad espiritual - Marlucia y Flavio

Activación de capital humano y social en personas mayores de 55 años - Beatriz

El outpost de Kaospilot en Colombia - Zulma

Art of Hosting Asunción, Paraguay 18-20 Febrero - Pablo 


2nd QUESTION:::What is possible now that wasn’t possible before?



The images say it all!! an amazing day ending with music and dancing once again, very tired but with a big smile on my face :)

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Comment by Deborah Goldblatt on January 25, 2011 at 8:11am
Zulma, thank you so much for these images.  I have a tinge of f.e.m.o....(feeling of missing out!).  Looks like a great day of conversation, new actionable ideas, dancing....what fun!  I was looking for some wonderful new multi-generational photos for a card for TWC this morning and I see some great possibilities here.  Would you be willing to send me some high resolution jpgs of a couple I like for that purpose?

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