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At 12.4.201118:00 I started my first open course "Learning society" (and then every second Thursday). There I plan to try real Cafe Design Principles for thinking together about practical experience of course participants through the lens of Senge's Fifth  disciplines.

I met and experienced Cafe Design Principles on SOL Austria 10th anniversary and subsequently on some meeting with Agota Ruzsa in SOL Hungary.

My first attempt to applicate Cafe Design Principles ended up quite well. Although, it was far enough the "principles", but there were some indication. :-)
On first open meeting we had seven participants. After a short description of Senge's Fifth disciplines and Cafe Design Principles, had Lucia, my collaborator, lecture about effective communication, interleaved with two interactive communication games.

At the end we had a whole group conversation. After a short introduction, all participant expressed their satisfaction and willingness to continue in visiting this course.
I made some video record too for offline participants, but it is only in slovak :-(

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