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My investigations proposes analyzes the challenges for the youth empowerment facing vulnerability, violence, and social exclusion. To make it a reality, we look to cast public policy, with the Latin America youth and in Brazil, related to education and to the working market to ascertain the reach of youth public policies to extend social capital indexes and promote effective programs to social vulnerability, violence, and drug addiction among youngsters. The youth are pressured by good career performance and success. Their free time is focused in entering the job market, which aids them in taking individualist positions independent of solidarity relations required to have social capital. The subject of youth policy and to contribute to define, from different perspectives: age, developmental stage, gender, ethnicity and social status. Furthermore incentive pro-active policy strategy, aiming at the “empowerment” of all young people in Brazil and problem solving instrument, focussing mainly on disadvantaged or vulnerable young people in different regions. This research proposes to contribute to practical applications for youth policies.

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