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This to update my recent activities.

1. World Café Community Japan (WCJ) was organized

We organized World Café Community Japan Oct. this year. This group is a community of practice for practitioners and researchers of World Café and other related workshop methods including AI (Appreciative Inquiry), OST (Open Space Technology) and Future Search.
For further information, please visit

2. World Café Week 2009 will starts at Nov.15, 2009

We will have "World Café Week 2009" in Japan.
This event will begin at Nov. 15, and continues until Nov. 21, 2009. During event period, we will have world café every day somewhere in Japan.
World Café Community Japan is one of the co-sponsors of this event along with dozens of groups who are sponsoring or hosting World Café in Japan. For further information please visit (available only in Japanese)

3. WCJ will host "Conversation Café"

As a part of "World Café Week 2009" event, World Café Community Japan will host a World Café named "Conversation Café on Nov.18, 2009.
Date: November 18, 2009
Place: Ginza Blossom
Admission: 1,000 Yen
Cafe hosts: Mr.Kazuaki Katori and Mr.Ko Ohkawa
The following “questions that matter” will be provided for the café conversation.
(1) What conversation do we need now? How will it be made possible?
(2) How can we keep maintaining “ba” for conversations across borders of organizations?
(3) If you say some words occasionally in World Café conversations, and those words travel rippling over the entire organizations and society, what future society can you imagine?
(4) What can we do to overcome the “culture of separation” and to restore “culture of conversation” and “culture of connectedness”?

4. New book on the World Café will be published soon

A new book on the World Café will be published soon (Nov. 2009) in Japan.
This book will be co-authored by Kazuaki Katori and Ko Ohkawa. This book is a practical guide for hosting the World Café, which includes manuals and scripts for World Café hosts. Twelve actual cases will be also presented. Unfortunately the book will be only available in Japanese language.

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