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Those of you who have been to Axladitsa Avatakia in the Spring, know the beauty of the Nightingales' song.  Last night magic echoed again throughout the rematia.


As Deborah and Meg's book prepares to sing its own unique and vibrant song - with the bestseller campaign tomorrow - April 13th, this excerpt from WALK OUT WALK ON, from the Chapter hosted and inspired by Axladitsa...FROM INTERVENTION TO FRIENDSHIP...this is an invitation and an invocation - from this land for this book, that the movement this written creation is calling for, can truly take flight.


"...Leave the flashlight behind; the moon is full and will escort you gently down the rema, the dry riverbed that leads to your tent.  The moonbeams glint off smooth-shouldered rocks and shimmer in the leaves of the crooked olive trees.  Every so often, call out your greetings to the wild boar so you don’t surprise him and excite an unwanted response.  You are trespassing in his land and must pay your respects.  As you nestle into your tent, listen to the night calls of the screeching owl, the honey buz- zard, and the nightingale. These were the same lullabies that rocked the giants to sleep—Ajax and Agamemmnon, Atlas and Achilles, Aristotle and Aeschylus.  Welcome to the land of gods and goddesses, great warriors and philosophers, Muses, bards and comedians.  You are sleeping at the crossroads, a world that is neither North nor South, neither East nor West, but stretches out in every direction—where everything is possible.
Kaliníhta. Oneira gluka. Good night. Sweet dreams. May your sleep be filled with ambrosia and nectar."


Maria Scordialou and Sarah Whiteley were conversation starters in the first weDialogues Conversation: Community for the 21st Century.  See HARVEST & Convo Starters Audio

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