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TWC at the CCI ( Co-Counselling International ) European week long event,

Dear TWC friends,
I would like to let you know about a very successful initiation of Co-Co Cafe ( in the full spirit of TWC ) at this year's Co-Counselling International gathering, juts finished on the 30th July. More photoes and a detailed description of the process will come later. Now just need to share the gladness that I was experiencing seeing how beautifully itwas received as part of the Welcome and Opening Circle of this annual gathering that has been going on ceaselessly since 1974 in one respective country hosting it, this time in Ireland the Irish CCI community in Termoflecking, close to the magical Boyne river estuary.
Apart from establishing the culture to conversational cafes and thus allowing for a flow of connection right at the beginning that has led us all, ca. 60 of us to move into easy choice for support groups and workshop offerings for the whole week, we continued with the practice with voluntary presence on the following three evenings with assistant facilitation as Reflection Cafes on the day, with a relentless participation of ca. half of ca. 30 people each evening.

The buzz and creativity, the level of connections and the quality of creative conversations that took place all through the week at meal tables, bar tables and out in nature walks were truly inspired and ignited by our Cafe conversations.

It seemed so smoothly contribute to the self organizing and self directive culture of CCI!
I am grateful for the opportunity and hopeful for it to continue in the future.
More info on our CCI, you will find on, and

With Love, Agota Ruzsa

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