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Buckminster Fuller was determined to improve the world.  I am convinced that we must save the world from destruction.  We will not make it through this century with business as usual.  There is an emerging genre of collaboration online.  TWC represents an example.  Humanity needs to improve to the next level.  I think of it as a problem of self-integration.  I want to prompt, nurture, and support changes that represent a collective improvement.  

Bucky visualized the whole planet, and invited others to do so, to express his ideas in context.  

My vision for the integration of humanity represents an improved expression of what we are as our better angels.  The best metaphor I've seen so far is a murmuration of swallows.  

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Comment by Geof Warren on August 24, 2012 at 9:04am


I agree with you we have to progress/evolve but how to 'improve to the next level'? How can that level be perceived? Also what do you mean by self-integration? Another question, because I have a simple mind, what do you mean by murmuration of swallows?

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