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Using The World Café in defining a vision of a learning and practice team

Last february my colleagues and me co-organized a world café to help a community of learning and practice on health professional coaching to define their vision as a team. GICS (acronym of Investigation Group in Health Coaching-Grupo de Investigación en Coaching de Salud) is a community that focus on learning and practicing coaching sessions through a health perspective. 

In the first part of the co-creation we "dream" (all together) about a vision through the definition of a perfect animal (metaphore of the perfect community of learning and practice). We "dream" that we were in 2018 addressing the following questions:

Who we are in 2018 as a community of learning and practice around health professional coaching?

What challenges are we dealing in 2018?

After this common group work we ran a world café to define what we needed to do in order to achieve this 2018 vision. It was a kind of special WC since in each table there was a different question. 2 rounds. 3 questions. 4 people per table. 

There were three main questions (addressing as if 2018 vision were a reality):

1.  What were the main strenghts as a community of learning which enabled us to achieve our vision in 2018?

2. What did we need to drop down, what kind of feelings, bad emotions, wrong paradigms, false beliefs we had to overcome to achieve our vision? 

3. What give us energy to continue challenging us in achieving our vision?

The result was very positive even if the time dedicated to the WC was quite constrained. 

The personal reflection about this experience is the possibility to use WC to help a team to define or redefine it's vision and future. 

I also share with you some photos of the WC session

I keep at your disposal for any doubts or suggestions!

GICS is a group of EEC Alumni (community of learning of European School of Coaching)

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Comment by Amy Lenzo on February 21, 2016 at 2:00pm

Beautiful! Thank you Anais!! I am going to see if I can move this over to StoryNet, where we keep the stories, so that people know where to find this wonderful example.

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