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In a not so recent World Cafe, Knowmads was honored to have as a special guest/host/learning sojourner Pieter Ploeg a.k.a.

introduced the creation of the space, this blog post focuses on what’s left of the beautiful conversation that was created. Here is a visual of what we harvested:

Based on the question:
Given the state of the world, what and how do you want to learn for a better future?
Starting with ourselves, we harvested what we knew:

There lies a continuum, or flow, in how we see time. Initiating change within ourselves, and growing out into the world seems to be the recipe to approach a complex world. We found value systems to be extremely important. Building from the bottom up with a focus on process instead of result seemed to be a more relevant approach to a rapidly-changing world. It appears to me that there lies a certain and very important comparison to the process most artists undertake when approaching the creation of art. Basing action on a more hands-on, multi-sensory approach based on trust in the unknown versus the fear, or unwillingness, of it.

We then looked at what we saw in the world around us. In economical, environmental, and societal aspects, we saw a problem with “energy resources.” Looking at a bigger, interconnected picture, we saw economical systems crashing, climate and natural resource change and depletion, and an emerging globalized society that fails to be categorized. Eco-systems are becoming extinct. There is a soaring population growth. This growth moves toward even bigger globalized mega-cities. Add an emerging middle class in developing countries, to boot. In society, technology both online and offline, is affecting our way of life. There is a widening gap in class, but our generation attempts to tackle this disconnection by valuing status more than class.

Furthermore, the vision of what status means has changed ever since Facebook started asking for yours. We are becoming a more open-source generation based on pure, simple, and basic authenticity and transparency. So, I have to ask:

“What do authenticity and transparency mean to you?”
“What is the difference between your online privacy and your offline identity?

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