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At 11:07pm on July 14, 2013, Joanna Gorczoska said…

Dear Amy thank you for welcoming me. I am first to the world cafe. I read about this concept however I struggle with one issue. In terms of questions, I am not sure whether it is me who forms the main question and then, present sub questions at the meeting for each table? I want to organise the meeting between the coaches and their clients and i am in a process pf preparing an ad for this meeting. I do not know whether I shall form one question and the group is to work to this question or whether I form one main theme and small sub themes for the meeting?Your help would be appreciated. Thank yo.u. Joanna 

At 4:58pm on July 14, 2013, Beverly Scow Wise Women Gatherin said…

Thanks for the warm welcome Amy, At my first World Café, I was a new participant invited to a new group, apparently very familiar with each other. The tables sizes were 5-6 people, there were some voices not included at a table or two I sat at. A simple O level question go around for the first table question, might help. I also felt unheard, in that the table host did not note my comments, which was from a different perspective than what I heard at the table. I didn't press it as an outsider, curious about who, what and why I was invited to participate. I liked the process, and saw some exposure to new ideas. With my ToP facilitation training I am highly alert to all voices heard and a layering of questions to assure safety as the conversation deepens and action considered. I am very grateful to join this community and the clear dedication to building a better world.  Thanks for all you do. Halakasla

At 10:08pm on July 11, 2013, Jennie Snyder said…

Once I look over the resources, I'd love to connect to get more guidance on hosting World Cafe conversations. I am particularly interested in learning more about how other schools and districts have used this process to engage members of their communities. 

At 10:02pm on July 11, 2013, Jennie Snyder said…

Hi Amy,

Thank you for welcoming me to the World Cafe community. I appreciate your offer of support and look forward to learning more about the community and the process. 


At 2:24pm on July 8, 2013, Yvonne Haneman said…

Dear Amy,

Thank you for your warm welcome.

I am organizing a World Café for 50 Compliance professionals world-wide in The Netherlands for the beginning of September, so I will start exploring all the information shared on this platform  :)

Warm regards,


Warm regards,


At 7:09am on July 5, 2013, delfino corti said…

Hi Amy,

Let me ask you some support.

I am planning a WC session in China next week and I am looking for specific resources/cases/experiences on how to plan properly a WC in the Chinese environment with ALL chinese participants who don't know what WC is...


in the attachment a draft for the planning.


Thank you for your support!


I wish you a very nice day




At 6:37am on July 5, 2013, delfino corti said…

Hi Amy, thanks for your warm welcome!

have a nice day!





At 10:44am on July 1, 2013, Dawna Sarmiento said…

Thank you, Amy for your welcome comment. I attended a world cafe in St. Petersburg, Florida. The topic was about how we could be more supportive of children in our community to help them develop into healthy, successful and happy adults. It was a very good experience.

At 7:02am on June 26, 2013, Robb Kushner said…

Thanks so much, Amy. I enjoyed reading about your gathering and seeing all the harvesting visuals.

Looking forward to being in touch - and sending warm regards,


At 2:34pm on June 25, 2013, Susmita Barua said…

Thank You Amy for your friendly welcome.  I saw you leave and I see Steve online now. But somehow the chat box is frozen. Seems like a cool place. I came here after doing a Dialogue group practice very similar to this group in my spiritual community. I felt compelled to join after watching your video. I need to read some more to get started. Peace to all.

At 4:27am on June 16, 2013, Bashar Alsafadi said…

Greetings Amy, Thanks for your welcome note. I look forward to sharing my experience hosting Cafe(s) in the Middle East and other parts of the world. 

At 4:53pm on June 13, 2013, Marie Keller said…
Thank you for the welcome. When I have finished my paper I hope to learn more about world cafe and how people are using it.
At 1:44pm on June 12, 2013, Gary Johnson said…

Thanks for the welcome.

At 8:45am on June 12, 2013, Alexandre Eisenchteter said…

Hi Amy,

I know few practitioners in France and even fewer that have a big experience in hosting World Café.

In the last World Café we did, we tried to use our Stormz digital technology in a way that it does not break the flow of the conversation. The idea is to use the technology as way to increase cross-pollinisation and help with global sharing.

For example, at the end of a discussion round, people were asked to share one (and only one) key idea about the previous conversation by using a Stormz activity called "Idea Blitz". These ideas are shared in real time on everyone's iPad. At the end of several discussion rounds we had enough ideas for the facilitators to detect "big directions". These "big directions" were used - in the harvest phase - in another Stormz activity "Cluster" where people were asked to move their own ideas into the most relevant directions. A great way to start a general discussion.

During the discussion round, we can also launch our "Pass the Idea" activity so that each table receive an idea from another table. We then ask them to use this idea as an inspiration for the conversation at the table.

These are a few ways to use Stormz in a World Café, but I am sure that by working with experienced practitioners we can invent many new ways to use the technology !

This was for an onsite workshop, but we also do a lot of online collaborative workshop with our customers. We have an integration with hangouts that rocks (Stormz for hangouts). But I must say I have never tried an online World Café. I would love to discuss that with you.

Thx again the the welcome !


At 10:13pm on June 7, 2013, Isobel Blackthorn said…

Hi Amy, Thank you for your warm welcome. Perhaps I have a little to contribute, and I certainly hope to learn a lot and make new friends. 


At 6:58pm on May 27, 2013, Mariam Ebrat said…

Hello Amy, thank you for the warm welcome. I am in love with literature and the lexicology aspect of language, my MA is in Communication Studies, which touched a lot on theory & New Media (Social Media). I just finished up a teaching internship at City College of San Francisco, so I am interested in enhancing the classroom conversation with an interdisciplinary approach, hence my interest in the inter-sectionality  of literature, communication, and cultural diversity. A Skype or in person conversation would be great. I am looking forward to exploring the World Cafe community. 


At 1:10pm on May 22, 2013, Laura Colombo said…

Hi Amy, thank you very much for your reply.

today we had a staff meeting to study this engaging methodology.

Thanks for your valuable suggestions and contributions.


At 1:07pm on May 22, 2013, Linda Jones said…

Thank you Amy, looking forward to exploring the site and learning more.  Can you tell me anything about the the site? It appears that the store for purchasing World Cafe resources is closed.  I was interested in purchasing some resource guides.  Thanks again - Linda J.

At 10:21am on April 29, 2013, Sophie Dishman said…

Hi Amy,Thanks for your nice message. I certainly am interested in contact with people in my geographical area!

I am currently designing an invitation to a workshop for women workers at the university where I work. I am looking for a nice little picture on symbol- something with represents communication and sharing in a (large) group. Do you have any suggestions?

Have a lovely evening.


At 7:56pm on March 14, 2013, Melissa Block said…


Thank you for the warm welcome!  I'm looking forward to learning more about the community and sharing our exciting news about the Institute.  I'll browse around and ask for help if needed.  Thanks again! Melissa Staging Change Institute


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