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At 4:52am on November 27, 2013, Emma Weise said…

Thanks Amy!

I will take a look at the Art of Harvesting community...

And I'm glad you like my profile photo... taken by a friend ;)

At 4:18pm on November 22, 2013, LETTY NAVARRO said…

Thanks Amy!  

I am sure we can star a good community here in Venezuela. We are fond of talking; and this is definitely, a great tool to respect and add to collective knowledge.  Conversations with a purpose!!

I am passionate about planting communication and happiness seeds everywhere, particularly, within my country.   I will check the Latin version too, as you suggested.

I'll be around!  :)


At 1:12pm on October 30, 2013, Matthew B. Smith said…

Thanks for the welcome.  I'm still looking around, but so far, I'm certainly impressed and interested!

At 7:28pm on October 28, 2013, Samara Sonmor said…

Thank you so much Amy, I will check out the information and get a bit familiar with the site, and then I will be back. Your advice is most appreciated (and welcoming!).

At 12:17pm on October 27, 2013, Lorraine Rytz-Thériault said…

By the way (bak a'cha), did I tell you we have a B&B and you are welcome to stay with us next time you visit our beautiful Basel!! Just let me know when you plan to be in the neighborhood...

At 8:30pm on October 26, 2013, Maryanne Reilly-Spong said…

Hi Amy,

Welcome to the Twin Cities and thank you for the nice welcome.  I am originally from the SF Bay Area.  I grew up in Pleasant Hill and completed my bachelor's at Saint Mary's.  I do love the seasons in Minnesota, and it's a wonderful place to raise a family, but when the roads get icy, I long for the more temperate winters on the West Coast!  I am so looking forward to this opportunity, so thank you.


At 9:21am on October 25, 2013, McKenzie Strobach said…

Hi Amy and thank you for the welcome message!

The idea of a multi-generational partnership and collaboration forum sounds great! I am a recent graduate with my MA in Sustainable International Development and I'm looking for a mentor to help me develop more skills in research methods for evaluating impact of programs and projects, relating to community and economic development. Also, hearing more from professionals in the field helps me to focus on a proper career path.  I have reviewed the orientation materials and am excited to learn more about other members. Thank you for allowing me in this space!



At 9:18am on October 25, 2013, Lorraine Rytz-Thériault said…

Thank you, Amy for guiding me to this WC online community.

Just a quick tour of the site has already impressed me with the global reach made possible by dedicated members. Believe that I will quickly feel at home in such an enthusastic group. 

with much appreciation,


At 10:16pm on October 17, 2013, Melissa Ott said…

It was a delight to meet you today! I am greatly looking forward to our journey ahead together helping connect folks so they can make meaningful connections and conversations!

At 3:49am on October 10, 2013, Bob-e Simpson Epps said…


Thank you for the invitation.  I am scheduled to be out of town...bummer...if there is a change I will definitely be there.  Bob-e

At 8:33pm on October 9, 2013, Cindy Wold said…

Hi Amy,

I will be there with bells on! Looking forward to it - and to seeing you!

At 5:42pm on October 8, 2013, Gabrielal Adriana Gutierrez said…

Dear Amy:

thank you for welcome message! it's very nice to see how alive this community is!

I'm very interested in being able to apply all the principles of the Café and put it to the service of the community.

see you!


At 7:15am on October 7, 2013, Florence Hardy said…

Hello Amy,

Thanks for your messages of welcome for me in this community - which I appreciate very much.

On the topic of translation - I need to look at what is available in French following your indications. I would really love to take this further - let me get back in touch once I've read the "French stuff".

I've already begun to think on how to make this possible, as this idea/project seems to me both of value to the community at large as well as to me, in fact.

Let's see.

With kind regards


At 11:00am on October 5, 2013, Florence Hardy said…

Amy thank you for such prompt reaction.

I actually have to go back and ...dine now, but I'll be back !


At 12:54pm on September 24, 2013, Rachel Magruder said…

Amy! Your comment was warmly accepted :)

I'm beginning the process of outlining a World Cafe forum in Istanbul, Turkey where I am currently doing field research about inter-faith dialogue and social movements in Islamic culture. I very much look forward to sharing my experiences here with you!! 

I will also have questions arise soon as I gain a better idea for the date/theme of the conversation, so I look forward to diving into the specifics of hosting an event. 


Rachel M.

At 5:54pm on September 22, 2013, Mary Greenough said…

Thank you, Amy! I already feel welcome.  It will be a lot of fun navigating the site and learning new ideas.  Mary

At 9:38am on September 17, 2013, Eugene Gallagher said…

Hi Amy

Thank you for your kind welcome to The World Café Community, and also for your encouraging comments.

A key interest for me, and has been for many years, is the idea of ‘shared learning’ as a way of achieving social and organizational success and sustainability, a learning encouraged by the ‘exercise of leadership’

As you can see from my website ( for me the origins of the word leadership are closely associated with the word path, or way, or the course of a ship at sea and the leader, or more correctly, the elders not so much directed as accompanied others on a journey. Here, the exercise of leadership was very much allied to having the knowledge and understanding, along with the empathy necessary when people felt lost and sometimes frightened, or when they thought the journey too difficult, and maybe so long that aims and objectives became somewhat nebulous and difficult to hold onto, and thus were in danger of becoming unreachable.

At such times the people helped, supported and encouraged one another via the sharing of ideas and actions, while some, particularly the elders articulated the common aims of the group and kept the goals alive so that those tasks that needed to be achieved, in order that the group survive and prosper were indeed accomplished.

Thanks again


At 12:54pm on August 14, 2013, Dmytro Ivakhnenko said…

Thank you, Amy, very helpful!

Warmly, Dmytro

At 1:24pm on August 9, 2013, Kitty Turner said…

Thanks so much for your help, Amy!

At 8:45am on July 30, 2013, Joanna Gorczoska said…

thank you Amy. 

In terms of preparing the leaflet for the World Cafe event, do you describe the WC event in detail on the leaflet? I only wrote what the WC method is about and that it takses place by the coffee table with mx 5 people sat there....Also, I heard I am not allowed to use the phrase the World Cafe so I did use other word like the Discovery Cafe.....

is that right way forward?

thanks JO 


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