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At 12:10pm on April 30, 2014, Laureen Golden said…

Thank you, Amy, for your welcome and orientation!  I am eager to explore the site and learn more!  I am touched by the warmth and hospitality of the site!

At 3:16am on April 22, 2014, Karen Fox said…
Thanks Amy for your warm welcome. I was excited to see this online community. I fondly remember my experience with the online Signature course in 2012 - so pleased to be able to continue my involvement from here in Australia. Any one else working with World Cafe for innovation and change in schools? Love to hear from you.
At 9:26pm on April 9, 2014, Kerrie Duff said…

Thanks Amy. There certainly seems lots to explore. I've been part of live world cafes but never an on-line one!

At 11:50am on April 2, 2014, JACQUIE GILSON said…

Thank you for the welcome Amy. I look forward to investigating the group's resources and communicating with other members.

At 7:34pm on March 31, 2014, Joe Aleman said…
Thanks Amy.
At 1:43pm on March 31, 2014, Kirsti Norris said…

Thanks for your welcome Amy, and for linking me to the Triple World Cafe.  Wow, I feel a little daunted at the prospect of using Second Life, but quite excited too.  What is the learning needed to run with it?  Days?  Weeks??? 

At 3:43am on March 26, 2014, virginie bergeron said…

Thanks Amy! sending much sun from Paris :)

At 12:37pm on January 29, 2014, Teresa Posakony said…

Thank you friend... sending much love... good to jump in here with you all:) 

At 4:33am on January 27, 2014, Natalie said…

Thanks Amy!  Im looking forward to my interaction and learning!

Best regards


At 3:56am on January 26, 2014, Maria Amélia Martins-Loução said…

Dear Amy

I have been following this worldCafé Community since almost a year, when I decided to apply this experience to exact sciences, more particularly to the year of Mathematics for the Earth Planet. 

At that time I sent my profile, I inserted advertises about the activities as well as tried to put me in the map. No answer or follow was detected. Nevertheless now I realize that there are more people in Portugal doing this more as participants than hosts and only today I received a message from the WCCommunity.

What do you advise me to do?

Best regards

Maria Amélia Martins-Loução

At 6:22am on January 24, 2014, Alberto Terol said…

Thanks so much Amy for your kind welcome.


At 2:48pm on January 23, 2014, Cynthia Xiao said…

Thanks Amy for the friendly note.

At 4:05am on January 20, 2014, Allie Middleton said…
Thanks Amy - good to be here! Allie
At 12:13am on January 10, 2014, Adam Regenyi said…

Thanks Amy!

At 12:07am on December 14, 2013, Rajat Roychowdhury said…

Thank you very much! A great pleasure for my part. Right now, impressed by the whiff of it. Need some more time to explore and learn until I consume the real flavour and have the contentment.

At 4:57am on November 28, 2013, Memet Ali KAYA said…

Thanks Amy, I will put the story on storynet.

Regarding the translated material, we need some more time. The writings are ok but not the pictures yet. As soon as we finish them, I will send a copy to make them available for the broader World Cafe community. thank you

At 11:53pm on November 27, 2013, Murat Ulu said…

Many thanks for your warm welcome Amy ! I am so excited about all of this. I will just dive into the website to start with. We'll move on together with Memet and friends here. Cheers !

At 7:04am on November 27, 2013, Memet Ali KAYA said…


That is all for now !   Warm regards,

Memet Ali Kaya


A Poem from Rumi, from Turkey

This We Have Now

This we have now
is not imagination.
This is not
grief or joy.
Not a judging state,
or an elation,
or sadness.
Those come and go.
This is the presence
that doesn't.

(Compiled by Coleman Barks, i.b.i.d.)

At 6:57am on November 27, 2013, Memet Ali KAYA said…

Dear Amy,

Thank you for the reply. Just for the feedback, to inform you and the team.

I discovered Organizational Learning in 1996. But it took me some time to have a training related to Core Competencies for Organizational Learning and then later Leadership Foundation from Peter Senge in Boston in 2004 and 2005. Then I became a member of SOL (Society of Learning Org.) by 2005. When I was back home and I asked myself why not to establish a 'Learning Lab.' within the Company, Turkish Petroleum Corp. (A state-owned Company) with Peter's and Ginny Wiley's help and I did it. It helps a lot to introduce OL cultures and its five disciplines at work and still continues. Now, I am the head of Strategy Dept. so we had chance to enlarge the group for more. We learned a lot but still too much thing needed for this life journey. We believe that we emerge or trigered some changes at least in est. OL Culture through this LLAB.

So then, I discovered 'Systems Thinking in Action Conferences' and also 'The World Cafe' :-) too. It was wonderful discovery :-). I had chance to get 2003-2004-2005 STIA Conference booklets, The world cafe (by Ms. J.Brown and D.Isaacs) and also TWC Resource Guide booklet too. I liked them too much.

Then, me and my friends asked the same funny and very creative question; why not to establish TWC in Turkey by adding Turkish Coffee taste and style in it :-). Starting from Capital city Ankara and then continue for the other cities as well. It is the simplicity, also the spirit or the essence of the idea itself which is going to re-creative and generative itself, for sure, we will just help this creative idea to flourish from within. That is how we see and believe.

So, we did translate TWC Design 7 principles and Method in Turkish this summer. They are now all ready.

The name of the cafe is: "Learning Lab. Cafe" under a sponsorship of a foundation named as The Sun of Humanity (no English web site yet but the web is We can then establish the group in TWC Community Group as well. We did not finish the logo yet but you can see the first version, we thought that it should include some Turkish Coffee styles too, we will work on it :-).

Beneath the logo you could see a Turkish saying "a cup of coffee being the start of a '40 year' friendship" and also the TWC wonderful saying too.

We did our first meeting in 23th of Nov. this saturday and it was very well and motivating. It is not all the team in the picture yet but you can see some of them ;-). The team has different backgrounds; engineers, doctors, philosophy student, IT and innovation but all believe that they can change the world by starting to change themselves :-)

At 6:03am on November 27, 2013, Maggie Judge said…

Hi Amy, I am just now seeing your last couple comments world cafe training and about Oct 22nd - The funny thing is I know Patricia Neal - I also went to one of their events earlier this year.

Thanks for the note and I look forward to learning and sharing here



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