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At 4:50pm on October 7, 2014, Vit. Libranovski said…

Thank you for your welcome Amy, it's my pleasure to be in this community. 

At 7:52am on September 29, 2014, Derrick Grootboom said…

Thanks Amy for the welcome and offer. I will definitely call on your help. Kind regards. 

At 2:41pm on September 24, 2014, Juliana Diaz said…

Hi Amy,

Thank you for your welcome!



At 10:21am on September 23, 2014, Corina Trofim said…

Hi Amy,

Thank you for the warm welcome! We'll update our site in english.

At 4:22am on September 23, 2014, Debora Paiva said…

Hello Amy,

thanks for you warm welcome. I have been learning a lot with this tool. I teach at a MBA program and we used the The World Cafe to design a marketing plan. It was such a rich experience! I am very excited about this community. cheers

At 7:05pm on September 21, 2014, Mattice Haynes said…

Hi Amy, thank you for the warm welcome. Nice meeting you on the Mycelium call last week.

At 11:24am on September 19, 2014, Pam Heeke said…

Hi Amy! Thanks for the warm welcome. The Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS) is a graduate school affiliated with Saybrook University. I completed their MA in Organizational Systems, Leadership & Organizational Development, program in 2012. Some of my faculty and colleagues in the program told me about World Café. I am excited about taking the next course through Fielding and participating in this community!

At 5:58pm on September 4, 2014, Julian Cohen said…

Hi Amy, I am looking forward to getting deeper into the World Cafe.

At 4:34am on August 28, 2014, Elizabeth Nissly said…

Hi Amy! Thank you for your welcoming message. The course I am using The World Cafe in is a graduate course called Contemporary Composition Theory: Composition, Conflict, and Change. We are going to host a World Cafe as our end of the year project. 

We are located at Western Carolina University which is about an hour and a half away from Burnsville, NC. 

Thanks again for your message! 

At 3:34pm on August 25, 2014, Erika Leder said…

Amy, I would so love to have lunch with you!! I just got off the phone with Jerry from Meadowlark who is putting on Art of Hosting in St. Paul in a couple of weeks.  I think I'm going!  He speaks so very fondly and highly of you, by the way!

At 6:31am on August 24, 2014, Robyn Nemes said…

Hello, Amy~

Thank you for your kind e-mail, and words of welcome.  While my technology skills are, to say the least, lacking (!), I love to participate in conversations about topics that are real and meaningful for me.  Typically this has been in small group settings and not through computer communications, but I am eager to learn how to share on a broader scale.  I read about World Café Community in  the August 2014 publication of "Natural Awakenings" though an article by Linda Sechrist called "Learning that Transforms Hearts and Minds". 

At 9:52am on August 23, 2014, Erika Leder said…

Also, Amy, I am excited to see that you live across the bay from me!  I am in San Francisco! Erika

At 9:51am on August 23, 2014, Erika Leder said…

Hi Amy, thanks so much for your warm welcome! I look forward to finding my way around here and can already see that much learning will ensue for me! Erika

At 11:30am on August 13, 2014, Leslie Atkinson said…

Hi Amy

I am so glad you have a new course offered as I had inquired earlier. I'll be searching out some funding so I can register.


At 12:16pm on August 12, 2014, Julia Brodsky said…


thank you for the welcome, and the idea of starting a conversation with educators.  I observed Peter Senge running a World Cafe for K-12 system thinking conference, and it was beautiful. I wonder if we can introduce something like that for educational unconferences, such as edcampDC, etc.



At 6:31pm on August 2, 2014, Larry Minks said…

Thank you for the warm welcome Amy.  I had become acquainted with the World Cafe years ago and so impressed in how it has developed.  Bravo! Bravo!

I look forward to engaging with colleagues from around the world.

My very best wishes,


At 6:28am on July 29, 2014, Flora Matheson said…

Hi Amy,

Thanks for the welcome. I participated in a world cafe in Sudbury, Ontario last month. Actually, my cousin invited me to the event and I found it quite interesting. I'm putting together a couple of grant applications now to hopefully (fingers crossed the money comes through) do two cafes with youth for knowledge translation. Tell me about you and your experiences.


At 9:51am on July 25, 2014, Bolette Nyrop said…

Hi Amy, thanks for your reflections and suggestions. What we actually did was giving everybody a bit more time at the same table and then inviting to move on. Some did and some stayed put at the same table. True, the capacity to listen and respond to the energy in the room is one of the qualifications of good host. - My most important learning was, however, to see the joy shining in the eyes of the participants of being for once in a genuine conversation:)

At 5:38pm on July 22, 2014, Cathy Takiguchi said…

Dear Amy,

Thanks for the invite and hope to gain more insight from this forum and thanks for the warm welcome.

At 8:35am on July 20, 2014, Bolette Nyrop said…

Thanks Amy for welcoming me to at table in the World Café! I was a co-host at an event applying World Café here in Denmark. Participants were so happy to be part of a genuine conversation that it was hard to make them move on to another table. Some just stayed at their first table. Next time I'll host a Wold Café, I'll practice inviting more intensely to move on to the next table:) I am on a learning path and wish to practice more World Cafés. Good to be part of this generous learning community. I expect to learn a lot in the beginning and be able to offer more experience later on.


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