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At 7:45am on October 10, 2009, Diego Leal said…
Hi Juanita!

Thanks for the welcome! I'm really glad to be here, And I hope (as far as time allows it) to share some of my experience. In fact, next Wednesday I'll be leading a Café conversation about global problems and education, using TED talks. I'm very excited about it, and definitely I'll write a little bit about it.

Thanks for making this possible!
At 3:57pm on October 8, 2009, Floris Koot said…
Thanks for the enthusiasm. I am now to busy on many other things (I have just a big brains with many ideas) so I will not run realising it. I can do send a kind of graphic design (quick draft) I like the flag idea (I am open for conversation, but it might also be a kind of corney "hey it's okay to speak to me, since i feel lonely") The most easy it is just a table, tabletop or poster and plastic cover that fits any round little table, with a clear invite to world café logo, powerful questions, area's you can freely choose from and some principles that fit a relaxed curious informal café mood rather than a focussed session (it can always become one of course).
Hug back, Floris
And if we come with a setup I might know some places I could send the idea, a picture to to see if the're interested. If it really works we need a worldmap of tables where our tribe can meet informally.
At 9:30am on October 8, 2009, Loredana Alfarè said…
Hello Janita,
I heard about this method in 2007 from the Technical Secretariat in Vienna of the EU programme Interreg, they organised a world cafe in Bologna and I participated. From that moment when I write a project or I coordinate one I always insert this method. It works very well and people love it. I found the way to have contribution from all participants and they are motivated to cooperate. Thanks and congratulation for the nice and useful web. I forwarded the link to present partners involved in a project (6 EU countries).
At 9:26am on October 8, 2009, Loredana Alfarè said…

At 8:55am on October 8, 2009, Chaiwat Thirapantu said…
Hi my Dear Juanita,

Yes, I recieved your mail,and sorrry for late response. My dad returns home already but still frail. It is a matter of time..but I do not know when.I just sent my mail to Michelle Levey that I can't come to meet all of you in Seattle this year,but maybe at 10 anniversary of Authentic Leadership next June in Halifax.

Warm hugs to my brother David too.

At 7:28am on October 8, 2009, ank said…
Dear Juanita

you may want to test the online Synthetron discussion experience tonigth

Social Issue Thinking Tank Oct 8th , 8.30-9.30pm UK time
topic : Family Futures
At 10:13am on October 7, 2009, Anne Howarth said…
Hi Juanita, Thank you for welcoming me. 1000th member am I? Shame I'm not a numerologist !
At 8:05am on October 7, 2009, Daphne said…
Thank you for the welcome! It is a pleasure to join your path.
At 9:45am on October 6, 2009, Floris Koot said…
Hi Juanita,
Thanks, likewise. Have a great idea by the way: The conversation table. It should be a designed cafe table (top), with some provoking positive and personal questions inviting strangers in real café's all over the world to have a conversation. Could look like the middle between your website design with some values, pictures, questions and lines in between. Could be as simple as a round plastified poster.
In a world with a lot of singles or even people who don't know how to talk to strangers this might be a great addition to places like Starbucks or the Coffee Company. On the tabletop could even be a phrase in the middel like: Sitting here means your open to be addressed. Starbucks could even sponsor this addition so you only have to come up with a design. Have fun.
Just the idea that everywhere in the world the same table is an open invitation to meet strangers and have simular conversation about what we are doing with out lifes, our planet, our dreams, values and wishes (or even humorous like: "how's your book progressing?") Even if it only helps strangers to meet up it would be great.
Or if you are more commercial set up a own brand of café's.
If you like it, i'll help to take it one step further
All the best from Floris
At 5:40am on October 5, 2009, carlos lemoine said…
Gracias Juanita. Voy a buscar a Pedro Jacobsen. Un abrazo.
At 6:13pm on October 2, 2009, Deborah Goldblatt said…
Dear Juanita,
Yes, I'm in the Bay for a while. Big day tomorrow filming a multi-gen gathering for the Napa community project. Once I have something put together would love to share it with you.
Looking forward to our day with Nicole and friends on the 8th! We'll miss you!
At 9:35pm on October 1, 2009, SHarie Patty said…
Greetings from Lubbock, Texas Juanita.
I took a grad class in systems thinking. Some of the text included The New Science of Leadership (Margaret Wheatley); The 5th Discipline (Peter Senge); During this class I was introduced to your book too. This lead to some talk you gave via Youtube. After that I ended being in Austin for a Board meeting for Texas Afterschool Association when National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation Oct 3 – 5 2008 was in Austin, Texas; I atended the World Cafe sessions. After that I started using the World Cafe principles in my staff meetings. I grew up in Holland and have been trying to attend an event over there or at the Shambhala Summer Institute, but that has not yet fallen in place. My current puzzle is, "how is it possible to be able to do the good work that needs to be done? How does it all tie into work? The answer is not clear yet but I feel the draw in the right direction and believe what needs to be happening is coming about ...slowly but surely.
At 8:06am on October 1, 2009, SHarie Patty said…
Dear dear Jaunita,
I am so thrilled with the knowledge I have gained from your books, talks and ideas over the years. My task is now to reflect these insights and practices in my sphere of influence and co create community that connects us in a meanigful way. That is where courage becomes vital... the stepping out and being willing to be a facilitator of connections. How do I put it is practice so that the blessings flow through me on to others and return again to me to fill me again... this is where self sustaining communities will become a reality.
At 8:21am on September 27, 2009, ank said…
Dear Juanita

I have been a big fan of you ideas on what makes a good question.. and at Synthetron, we actually build you into our sanity check on a discussion scripts! Thank

So I' am glad that I can share back some of our findings.. to you here

I will invite you for some of our open Thinking Tank discussions to experience a Synthetron online discussion.

Maybe one of the most important learning’s I can share to you is related to the fact that Synthetron discussions are anonymous.. creating a safe discussion space for all participants. We find that in such settings a (big) groups of people can deeply discuss ideas ( share, react, think together and collaboratively filter relevant ideas), without having built personal relationships.. thinking relationships seem to be sufficient. Anonymity, does allow to do away with what we call “veils” over the communication: those friction points that will distort the communication. This we have seen with groups with a common interest in the topic, but different cohesion factors : from employees of the same department to a groups of strangers, citizens, customers, experts. Obviously there still must be recognition , a clear feeling of purpose with transparent visibility of the end result.

The other one learning is that online you can obtain significant productivity gains: In Synthetron peer setting all participants are engaged in sharing and validating ideas in parallel and hence obtain enormous amounts of base ideas (typically for 100 participants in 1 hour 1000 to 1500 ideas are shared and 100 to 200 ideas do become a synthetron out of which typically 10% are high synthetrons )

Thirdly is that with a collaborative validation process, as we developed in Synthetron, a groups is able to filter out the collaborative highest insights (with different support levels).. and is not falling in the trap of lowest common denominator. Here there is an important condition the group needs to not have what we call fundamental breaking lines (lack of competence or lack of experience on the topic). In simple words if you discuss the cleanness of the bathrooms on the third floor with people of second and third floor.. you can only expect generalities.. but few specific outcomes (because the second floor has a lack of experience)

And Fourthly- you’ll not be surprised : moderating well: asking the right questions is even more important online then in life meetings: with no body language to sense you need to correct.. you can lose easily valuable minutes with hundreds of people online around an unclear or wrongly phrased question.

Hope this is a bit what you were looking for

At 1:21pm on September 22, 2009, Zulma Sofia Patarroyo said…
Que alegria conectarme contigo. Siempre que facilito un world cafe digo en silencio "gracias juanita" ;-)

Conoci acerca del world cafe a traves de Finn Voldtofte en Dinamarca durante mis estudios en kaospilot.

Ahora trabajo como "creative facilitator" en inglaterra, y parte de mi trabajo es en visual recording and visual facilitation, utilizando tanto plantillas (al estilo Grove) como visual recording durante reuniones y eventos. El sitio donde trabajo esta muy orientado a la tecnologia, entonces ultimamente la mayoria de mi trabajo de documentacion visual lo hago de manera digital directamente. Aqui he trabajado para clientes como el NHS (National Health Service) y la policia de Liverpool para dar un par de ejemplos.

He hecho algunos proyectos de facilitación en colombia, en este momento estoy trabajando en un proyecto muy lindo con llevo 9 años viviendo por fuera y tengo planeado regresar para radicarme alla en un año o antes si se presenta la oportunidad.

No conozco a Juan Carlos, pero cualquier oportunidad de trabajar en Colombia la recibo con el mayor entusiasmo.

Tienes (tu o Juan Carlos) alguna idea en concreto?

Un gran abrazo!
At 6:35am on September 22, 2009, Libia Berbesi said…
Hola Juanita, que gusto intercambiar contigo. Conoci a Carlos Mota en Caracas, yo soy Directora de la Comunidad de Coaching profesional en Venezuela, nos vimos también en el Congreso Iberoamericano de Coaching en Argentina. Desde que conocimos a Carlos, estamos siguiendo el movimiento y usamos la dinámica en varias actividades, en FUNDES (organización con la que trabajo) y en una iniciativa llamada Diálogos de Emprendimiento e Innovación, junto a Esteban Reyes.
At 4:13am on September 21, 2009, Doug Oloughlin said…
Hola Juanita, thanks...until next time, BE well and enJOY, Doug
At 1:23am on September 19, 2009, Doug Oloughlin said…
hi Juanita,
good to be connected, and apolgies for the delayed reply.
i almost enrolled in fielding a few times, but wanted to stay local...but am doing my Phd at Assumption University in Bangkok...a lot easier and i also get to lecture in the Masters in OD.
yes, Chaiwat is indeed a wonderful being....him and i have met a few times and it certaoinly is time to meet again....I am in singapore for a few weeks so will see if we can get together when i am there.
sheila and i meet on email once in a while, but she is mostly in botswana these days...there are a few things happening here before the end of the year, so may see her when she is back here.
love to you and david, doug
At 1:01pm on September 5, 2009, nejat said… are
At 9:51am on September 3, 2009, Andrea Victoria Murcia Suárez said…
Hola Juanita, Gracias por tu bienvenida. Yo vivo en la ciudad de Bucaramanga, está ubicada a 8 horas si viajas en carro o a 1hora en avión. Estoy planeando pronto un viaje a Bogotá. Tal vez contacte a Claudia Chaparro para conocer mas de cerca esta experiencia.
Un abrazo!


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