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Jo Foster

Wellington, New Zealand

Clara Maria Pavon Gozalo

Barcelona, Spain, Spain

Mary Meduna

Chicago, IL, United States

Mike Weislik

Oak Park, CA, United States

Stacey Rippman-Velaochaga

Milwaukee, WI, United States

John Travis

Mullumbimby, New South Wales,…

Jenny Whittemore Fremlin

Braddock, PA, United States

Tom Genovese

Key Largo, FL, United States

Bernadette Barnes

Brooklyn, NY, United States

Benedek Gabriella

Budapest, Hungary

Sheila Mackay

Perthshire, United Kingdom

Lisa Abby

Swampscott, MA, United States

Anastasia Susueva

Moscow, Russian Federation

Doris Reeves-Lipscomb

Clearwater, FL, United States

Laurie Benn

Medicine Hat Alberta, Canada

Kathleen A. Paris

Madison, WI, United States

Eric Johnson Wildbear

Sedona, AZ, United States

Belinda Hopkins

Mortimer, United Kingdom

Isabelle Mahy

Montréal, Canada

Paul Robert Lloyd

Adelaide,SA, Australia

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