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Invitation to a global "Consciousness Deep Dive"--a distributed World Cafe throughout June 2019

You are invited to participate in a Consciousness Deep Dive taking place during the month of June in a variety of in-person and virtual venues, to practice and learn more about the art of being fully human in a time of global crisis.

This Deep Dive is essentially a World Cafe that is being stretched out over space and time, with individual iterations of the conversation happening through June 25 in many venues: some self-organized by anyone who wishes to be a co-host, and others hosted on scheduled Zoom calls using breakouts.  It's also OK to have a "small group" conversation using an online platform like this one.  There is an online harvesting process for each small group, as well as a set of calls for collective meaning-making on the 26th-28th.

More info and registration (to stay fully in the loop) is here.  Details are below as well...

How it Works
The primary venue for the Deep Dive is a set of small group conversations, typically consisting of 3-5 people, just like what would take place at a table during one round of  an in-person cafe.  You can participate simply by joining one of these, each of which is designed to be valuable in it own right.  You can also join multiple rounds as a way to further deepen your personal inquiry and help to cross-pollinate the conversation as a whole.  

Collectively, these small group sessions will contribute to shared meaning-making and learning via a "harvest" process that uses some simple Google forms.  The goal is for 20 or more of these conversations to take place between now and June 25.  Then from the 26th-28th there will be a series of (optional) large group calls to bring people together from across the various groups.  

There are several ways that you can join a small group conversation:

  1. Join one or more of the Zoom calls on June 11, 20, 24, and 25 (details here).  
  2. Convene your own small group virtually or in person.  The Deep Dive is a great context for gathering with 2-4 other people you would love to connect with more deeply, and who you would like to bring together with one another.  No special facilitation skills are required, and a simple conversation guide is available here.  We can also use this thread as a way of forming some groups.
  3. Have one online in text form, either right here on the World Cafe Online Community via comments on this post, or maybe in a private group you set up here for that purpose, or via a Facebook group, etc. 

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