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I wanted to make sure folks in the World Cafe community know about something new NCDD is trying.  I welcome you to participate!

The National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD) is known for being an open community of innovators who are genuinely interested in working together to increase the impact of dialogue and deliberation.  Today I’d like to announce a new feature on the NCDD website that I hope will make it easier for NCDDers to collaborate:  the “Idea Incubator.”

The Idea Incubator is a space on the NCDD site where members can pose ideas that benefit our field, gather feedback, and gain partners. Your post in the Idea Incubator provides a “home base” for your idea, where you can describe your idea, let people know how they can get involved, and keep people updated on new developments.

We hope the Idea Incubator makes it easier for members of our community to self-organize and collaborate on projects.

Please check it out at and let me know what you think.  If you have an idea you want to propose to NCDDers, use the new form at, which lets you post your idea directly on the NCDD website.  Once your post is approved, you can then share the link to your post in your listserv messages, emails to potential collaborators, Facebook and Twitter posts, etc.

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