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Would like to know if someone has experience of using the World Cafe' model with the Federal Government. Any input is appreciated...

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Hi Adriano,
I'm not sure you'll get a great response on this question, only because there are just about 15 people or so on here as it's the new "beta" version of the new on-line community where we are testing the various features. So, if you want to reach a larger audience, you'd need to go to the "regular" on line community where the larger number of people are. Go to the website and there will be a link there to take you to sign on to that site if you are not already a part of it.

And, I hope we have the chance to meet soon. David has spoken of you fondly!!

Warmest regards,
And Adriano, we'll be opening this space up to the whole community very soon too.
hi Adriano,

i am currently working with Kalani Souza designing and preparing a World Cafe session for a conference for a division of a Federal agency. Kalani is a gifted, creative, and experience consultant and leader who we met in Hawaii last year...

if you click on People above you'll find his photo and a way to connect with him. mention that i suggested that you contact him! you'll be delighted! as will he, i'm sure!

take a hug!

You want to know about the US Federal Government, or also what is happening in other governmental bodies? nation-level, regio-level or European level?
There are stories on all levels these days!
Maybe check out also the Presencing online Community, there are also people doing good work, similar to this. I can point to one person in particular if you like.
With love,
Thanks Ria. I am interested at the US federal Agencies level.
I am intrigued by the "lack of control" of the process used in an environment that is otherwise marked by a great emphasis on policy and procedures...
My experience with Provincial government has been mixed
WC is a powerful and very democratic tool - it is shall we say some times too democratic
.... then various different controls are put in place both informal and formal and the discussion becomes neutered.

BUT ! on the other hand WC is an awesome tool to inspire workers and tap into the creativity of the workforce to get work done. We have used it to get independent groups to work together on projects, get input from various client groups and for units to 'think' about a project they want to get done.
Hi Adriano. I don't have experience leading any part of my Federal Agency (HUD) through world cafe but would certainly like to try and figure it out. I'm just a couple days away from starting a leadership development program through HUD that includes a learning project element and a community project element; I'm stirring around all kinds of ideas about engaging my co-workers, engaging my regional co-workers and engaging external stakeholders in some sense, using a world cafe dialogue session. The problem is I don't have much experience in the parameters of a world cafe dialogue, as I've only been a participant. Also, there is more to the culture at a Federal Agency, such as HUD that needs to be understood. I believe starting here, in KY, on a small scale will have more impact than looking at the agency from the DC perspective. Very different cultures between our Field Office and HQ in DC. I hope I'm not saying anything "out of school," I just see opportunities here for building community that I can't ignore. Hope I didn't ramble too much. :)
Just completed a small world cafe experience for a group of Federal Coastal Zone Managers from NOAA. They were not familiar with this deeply democratic process, more use to presentation QA etc.
Small circle, 24 people and there were some requirements around room set up that were challenging but ultimately resolved. Created a buzz in rest of conference.

Experience appeared positive, but just because something is evident, that doesn't make it true.


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